Undergraduate Degrees

The department offers a BA and a BS in computer science.

  • Computer Science BA, BS and Computer Science/Mathematics BS: The BA provides broad training emphasizing connections to other disciplines and is especially appropriate for students who wish to combine CS with another discipline. The BS is designed to prepare students for graduate studies and includes a more structured set of courses; it can also accommodate students from other science disciplines who wish to obtain substantial concentration in Math or CS.
  • Computer Science minor and Informatics minor: Minors provide knowledge in core areas and the fundamentals of a discipline, covering key topics in sufficient depth.
  • Honors Program: For outstanding students, these programs enable students to do advanced work in a chosen area and intensive research leading to a thesis. Recent honors degree recipients.
  • Computer Science 4+1 Program: This program allows Emory undergraduates to obtain a CS BA/BS from Emory College in four years and a CS MS degree from the Laney Graduate School in one extra year.